memcp [options] --servers <hostname[:port]...> <file...>

Copy files to a collection of memcached servers.


memcp copies one or more files into memcached(1) servers. It is similar to the standard UNIX cp(1) command.

The key names will be the names of the files, without any directory path.



Display help.


Display version.


Operate quietly.


Operate more verbosely.


See --verbose.

--servers <list of servers>

Specify the list of servers as hostname[:port][,hostname[:port]...].


Enable binary protocol.

--expire <expiration>

Use expiration seconds (or a UNIX timestamp).

--flag <number>

Use number as flag.

--hash <algorithm>

Use algorithm as key hash algo. See memcached_behavior_t::MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_HASH.

--username <username>

Use username for SASL authentication.

--password <password>

Use password for SASL authentication.


Enable UDP operation mode.


Enable internal buffering of commands.


Issue SET command(s). This is the default mode. See also --add and --replace.


Issue ADD command(s).


Issue REPLACE command(s).



Specify the list of servers.