ChangeLog v0.x

v 0.53

released 2011-09-27
  • Fix for FreeBSD/OpenBSD and -lm
  • Added memcached_exist()
  • Fix for memory when using config test.
  • CLI gained --quiet

v 0.52

released 2011-09-12
  • Build fixes for Ubuntu/Suse.
  • Fixes for OSX Lion.
  • Bug fix for looping back through dns lookups under certain failures.
  • Fixes related to dead server failures.

v 0.51

released 2011-07-21
  • memcached_callback_set() now takes its data argument as const
  • Update to tests.
  • Fix in parser for port number.

v 0.50

released 2011-06-20
  • Updates to C++ interface
  • Custom free allocators need to now check for value before calling free.
  • memcached_fetch_result() now uses the internal result when available (about 25 to 50% faster).
  • Fix for stats structure.
  • Updates to documentation.
  • memcached_fetch_result() now uses the internal result when available (about 25 to 50% faster).

v 0.49

released 2011-04-14
  • Fix calls to auto methods so that if value is not passed in nothing bad happens.
  • New parser calls for generating memcached_st objects.
  • New error system.
  • New flow control for messages means faster get/set calls.
  • Added new documentation system.
  • A behavior change has been now made that if you specify a weight for any server, we enable the weight flag and do weight balancing.
  • Added MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_REMOVE_FAILED_SERVERS to simplify the setting of AUTO REJECT for servers.

v 0.48

released 2011-03-16
  • Fix memory leak in server parse.
  • Move test framework out to be its own library (easier to work with Gearman).

v 0.47

released 2011-02-24
  • Additional fixes for OpenBSD.
  • Bug fix 677609, 456080.
  • SIGPIPE fix for Linux send().
  • memcapable can now test ascii or binary based on flags.
  • Additional build fixes for SASL.

v 0.46

released 2011-02-14
  • Fixes a number of corner case bugs.
  • Fixes related to OpenBSD.
  • Better testing for protocol version.
  • Removes special case infinite wait on blocking setup.

v 0.45

released 2011-02-09
  • Add support for systemtap

v 0.44

released 2010-09-23
  • Windows bug fixes.
  • Hudson port support in test harness.
  • Improved portability of test hanrness.
  • SASL fixes.

v 0.43

released 2010-07-28
  • Added --args to memstat so that a greater range of values can be returned.
  • Prelimanary support for Windows.
  • memcached_stat_execute() merged.

v 0.42

released 2010-07-06
  • Mistake in libtool caused issue with library version

v 0.41

released 2010-06-30
  • Added --file for memcat.
  • Added limemcached_ping() to libmemcached_util
  • Bugfix for some cases where connect would have issues with timeout.
  • Wrong value for errno given as error on an IO failure inside of poll.
  • Bug fix for issue where multiple interfaces with bad DNS were not being caught.

v 0.40

released 2010-04-23
  • Placed retry logic in for busted resolvers
  • Add an ignore for SIGPIPE to solve OSX issues.
  • A couple of fixed for memcached_light server.
  • Updated to debug mode to track io_wait

v 0.39

released 2010-04-06
  • Add support for prefix keys to binary protocol.
  • Remove the undocumented call memcached_server_remove().
  • The undocumented call memcached_server_by_key() now returns const.
  • memcached_server_error_reset() has been deprecated.
  • memcached_server_list() has been deprecated. Use memcached_server_cursor() to walk the servers found in a memcached_st() structure.
  • memcached_verbosity() can now be run concurrently with other operations.
  • SASL support.
  • Fixes memory leak found in EJECT HOSTS.

v 0.38

released 2010-02-10
  • C++ interface for libhashkit.
  • Modified memcached_set_memory_allocators() so that it requires a context pointer.
  • memcached_clone() now runs 5 times faster.
  • Functions used for callbacks are now given const memcached_st.
  • memslap now creates a configuration file at ~/.memslap.cnf
  • memcached_purge() now calls any callbacks registered during get execution.
  • Many fixes to memslap.
  • Updates for memcapable.
  • Compile fixes for OpenBSD.
  • Fix for possible recursive decent on IO failure.

v 0.37

released 2010-01-12
  • Fixed build for libhashkit.
  • Fixed install path regression.
  • Modified RPM to strict check install.
  • Added documentation for memcached_server_cursor();
  • Added memcached_servers_reset().
  • Modified memcached_st to remove dead cursor_server member.

v 0.36

released 2010-01-07
  • Merged in new memslap utility.
  • All of constants.h has been updated to match style (all old identifiers continue to work).
  • Added first pass for libhashkit.
  • Updated test Framework/extended tests.
  • Random read support during replication added.
  • Modified use_sort so that the option can be applied to any distribution type.
  • We removed the MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_KETAMA_COMPAT_MODE added in 0.35. Instead use memcached_behavior_set_distribution().

v 0.35

released 2009-11-09
  • Added support for by_key operations for inc/dec methods.
  • Added mget test to memslap.
  • Support for compatible ketama for SpyMemcached
  • Update C++ interface.
  • Fix for memcp

v 0.34

released 2009-10-13
  • Added support for setting behavior flags on a connection pool.
  • Don't increment server_failure_counter on normal disconnects.
  • Added prototype for a callback based protocol parser (server side) with examples so that you could let your own application speak the memcached protocol
  • Updated memcapable to test ASCII protocol.
  • Changed behavior so that server can be removed at first sign of failure.
  • Added memcached_server_get_last_disconnect() call

v 0.33

released 2009-09-23
  • Added memcapable to test servers for binary compatibility.
  • Updated C++ interface. Added basic support for C++ exceptions. Added multiple constructors the memcached client object. The C++ interface now takes parameters which are C++ types (such as std::string).
  • Several bug fixes for binary protocol support.
  • Fixed crashing issue with dumping from memcachd server (server internals were changed without documenting change).

v 0.32

released 2009-09-15
  • Change of behavior where linger is only modified for no-block and then it is set to zero.
  • Added Twitter's memcached_server_error() functions.
  • Fix for OSX compiles in development builds.
  • Updated C++ interface.
  • Updated memcached_mget and memcached_mget_by_key to take a size_t as a parameter instead of an unsigned int for number_of_keys.

v 0.31

released 2009-07-10
  • Added support or HA via replication.
  • malloc() removed for server key usage.
  • Update build system.
  • Added support for memcached_set_memory_allocators().
  • Fixed bug in for have_htoll.

v 0.30

released 2009-06-01
  • Added memcachd_dump command (and framework for memdump tool).
  • Realigned all structures to remove padding (and line up important bits for 64bit caches.
  • Remove some of sprintf() in storage calls().
  • Removed printf() in stat call for unknown stat member.
  • memcached_generate_hash() function added.
  • Added tests to make sure all hash functions are stable.

v 0.29

released 2009-05-19
  • Fixed malloc usage to calloc for spots where we need zero filled memory.
  • All code warnings now treated as errors.
  • Fixes for debian packaging.
  • Added new pooling mechanism.
  • Updated generic rpm.

v 0.28

released 2009-04-15

v 0.27

released 2009-03-30
  • Added new UDP fire-forget mode.
  • Reworked performance for mget() to better make use of async protocol
  • Cleaned up execution of fetch (just one set of code now)
  • Fixed Jenkin's for big endian hosts.
  • Updates for memstat to determine network latency.
  • Updates for binary protocol.
  • Many updates to documentation.

v 0.26

released 2009-01-29
  • Fix for decrement on hash key
  • Fixed assert that was catching bad memset() call in host_reset()
  • Fix purge issue for blocked IO which has been stacked.

v 0.25

released 2008-11-28
  • Jenkins HASH added.
  • Update of Murmur hash code
  • Support explicit weights (Robey Pointer, Evan Weaver)
  • Bugfix for ketama continuum (Robey Pointer)
  • Don't ever call stats for weighting servers, because it is unstable.

v 0.24

released 2008-09-16
  • Cleanup compile warnings.
  • Fix issues in partitioning by keys.
  • Fixed "fail case" to make sure when calling memcached_clone() no memcached_st is over written.
  • New memcached_server_by_key() method for finding a server from a key.
  • memcached_server_free() was added for freeing server structures.

v 0.23

released 2008-09-07
  • Added strings.h header for Solaris 9
  • Solaris 64bit fix.
  • Support for weighted Ketama from Yin Chen.
  • Fix for Chinese
  • Fix for 0 length key to trigger bad key.
  • Support for Binary Protocol added

v 0.22

released 2008-07-14
  • Fix where master key was no being checked for "bad key"
  • Fixed bugs in stats output (thread output was wrong)
  • Clarified MEMCACHED_BAD_KEY_PROVIDED is return for bad prefix key.
  • Found a bug in Flags return (Jacek Ostrowski)
  • Fixed issue with compiling on Visual Studio

v 0.21

released 2008-05-24
  • Change of char * to const char * for all key based functions.
  • New MEMCACHED_CALLBACK_PREFIX_KEY added. You can now create domains for values.
  • Fixed bug introducd in last version on memcp
  • Fix for death of file io to call shutdown()

v 0.20

released 2008-05-05
  • New consistent distribution tests.
  • Found a memory leak when a server constantly fails.
  • Fix in watchpoint macro
  • Changed default timeout to 1 second for poll timeouts
  • Wheel uses less memory/dynamic allocation for size (no longer limited to 512 hosts by default.
  • memslap memory leak fix
  • Added Ketama distribution
  • Fix assert.h compile problem on CentOS

v 0.19

released 2008-04-09
  • Documentation fix in libmemcached.
  • Fixed bug where sort was always occuring on hosts
  • Logic fix in branch prediction (thanks Jay!)
  • Read through cached support.
  • Fixed for cas by key operation.
  • Fix for memcached_server_st list structures to have correct count.
  • Removed function call in favor of macro (aka cut out some instructions)

v 0.18

released 2008-03-17
  • Fix plus tests for non-zero value objects and flags.
  • MEMCACHED_HASH_MURMUR added for murmur algorithm provided.
  • MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_RETRY_TIMEOUT added to keep connecting from looping on timeout.
  • gcc branch prediction optimizations
  • Refactored entire tree to make include files cleaner
  • Fixed leaked socket.

v 0.17

released 2008-02-27
  • MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_CONNECT_TIMEOUT added for connect timeout in non-block mode.
  • Incompatible change in memcached_behavior_set() api. We now use a uint64_t, instead of a pointer.
  • Fix for storage of values for zero.
  • memcached_server_cursor() function added to API for cycling through servers.

v 0.16

released 2008-02-18
  • Work on the UDP protocol
  • Added get_by_key, set_by_key tests for C++ API
  • Fix for limit_maxbytes to be 64bit in stats
  • Added Atom Smasher test (scale baby, scale!)
  • Servers are now sorted, meaning that servers are now ordered so that clients with the same lists, will have same distribution. (Idea from Ross McFarland). MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_SORT_HOSTS was added to enable this support.
  • Added MEMCACHED_BAD_KEY_PROVIDED error for auto, set, and get operations. MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_VERIFY_KEY was added to enable this feature.
  • More error messages on command line tools.
  • Fixed bugs in memcached_cas() operator.
  • Fix to loop through interfaces

v 0.15

released 2008-01-29
  • More work on the C++ API.
  • Bug fixes around block corner cases.
  • Slight performance increase in both read() and write().

v 0.14

released 2008-01-22
  • For for bug found by Evan Weaver where increment() was not returning propper error of value was not found.
  • Fix for bad null pointer on flag by Toru Maesaka.
  • Refactor of all IO to just pass in the active server
  • Problem configuring (PKG_CHECK_MODULES) fixed by removal of "rpath" in support/ (Thanks to Ross McFarland).
  • Added memcached_callback_get()/set()
  • First prototype of C++ interface
  • Updated docs for uint16_t changes in previous release

v 0.13

released 2008-01-13
  • MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_USER_DATA added to store user pointer.
  • Fix for failure to connect to invalidate socket.
  • Patch from Marc Rossi to add --hash option for memcp, memrm, and memcat.
  • Kevin's patch for fixing EOF issues during a read.
  • Toru Maesaka patch for stats mismatch
  • Fix for when CRC return 0
  • Fixed uint16_t issues around flags. Turns out the documentation on the protocol was wrong.
  • Lingering socket fixes for FreeBSD.
  • Patches from Kevin Dalley for FreeBSD 4.0
  • Added multi delete functions.
  • All get key returns have C style null termination
  • If memcached_server_list_append is passed NULLs instead of pointers it returns NULL.
  • Added memcached_fetch_execute() method
  • Found a bug where memcached_fetch() was not null terminating the result value.
  • memcached_behavior() now has the ability to set "buffering" so that data is not automatically flushed.
  • Behavior change, buffered commands now return MEMCACHED_BUFFERED

v 0.12

released 2007-12-11
  • Updates for consistent hashing
  • IPV6 support
  • Static allocation for hostname (performance)
  • Fixed bug where in non-block mode all data might not have been sent on close().
  • Refactor of memcached_get() to use common code.
  • Change in value fetch, MEMCACHED_END is now returned when keys are no longer in the pipe.
  • Fixed bug where key could be out of range of characters
  • Added _by_key() methods to allow partitioning of values to particular servers.
  • MEMCACHED_DEFAILT_TIMEOUT is now set to a non -1 value.
  • Performance improvements in get operations.

v 0.11

released 2007-11-26
  • Added option to memcache_behavior_set() so that poll() can be timed out.
  • Fixed memory leak in case of using memcached_fetch_result() where no value was returned.
  • Bug fixed in memcached_connect() which would cause servers that did not need to be enabled to be enabled (performance issue).
  • Rewrote bounds checking code for get calls.
  • "make test" now starts its own memcached servers.
  • Added Hseih hash (MEMCACHED_HASH_HSIEH), which is showing about 7% performance over standard hash.

v 0.10

released 2007-11-21
  • Added append binary test.
  • Added MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_CACHE_LOOKUPS behavior so that you can save on multiple DNS lookups.
  • Added CAS support, though this is optional and must be enabled during runtime.
  • Added the utility memerror to create human readable error strings from memcached errors (aka convert ints to strings)
  • Fixed bug where hostname might not be null terminated
  • Moved to using gethostbyname_r() on Linux to solve thread safety issue
  • Added -rpath support for pkg-config
  • Documentation fix for hash setting using memcached_behavior_set()

v 0.9

released 2007-11-15
  • fix for when no servers are definied.
  • different buffers are now kept for different connections to speed up async efforts
  • Modified increment/decrement functions to return uint64_t values
  • Fixed bug in cases where zero length keys were provided
  • Thread cleanup issue in memslap
  • No hostname lookup on reconnect
  • Fix for flag settings (was doing hex by accident!)
  • Support for 1.2.4 server additions "prepend" and "append" added.
  • Added memcached_version()... not sure if I will make this public or not.

v 0.8

released 2007-11-05
  • Adding support for CRC hash method
  • Adding support for UNIX sockets
  • Added additional HASHing methods of FNV1_64,FNV1A_64, FNV1_32, FNV1A_32
  • Added pkgconfig support (PKG_CHECK_MODULES)
  • Fixed conflict with defined type in MySQL
  • Added memcached_result_st structure and functions to manipulate it.

v 0.7

released 2007-10-30
  • Poved to poll() from select()
  • Fixes in internal string class for allocation of large numbers of strings.
  • memcached_mget() function now sends keys as it parses them instead of building strings as it goes.
  • Propper flush now for making sure we get all IO sent even when in non-block mode.
  • Added --enable-debug rule for configure
  • All asserts() removed (hey this is going into production!)

v 0.6

released 2007-10-17
  • get value returns are now null terminated (request by Cal Heldenbrand)
  • Fixed connections for more hosts then two.
  • Rewrite of the read/write IO systems to handle different sorts of host failures.
  • Added man pages for all functions and tools
  • Raised buffer size for readinng/writing to 16K
  • You can now optionally set the socket size for recv/send via memached_behavior_set/get.

v 0.5

released 2007-10-09
  • Ruby maintainer mentioned TCP_NODELAY patch he had added. Added this to C library as well. (Eric Hodel
  • Added support script for set_benchmark
  • Updated memslap to allow testing of TCP_NODELAY
  • Updated memslap to support --flush (aka dump memcache servers before testing)
  • Fixed bug in multiple hosts not being activated
  • Added environmental variable MEMCACHED_SERVERS which can be used to set the servers list.
  • fixed memcached_stat method (and now memstat works)
  • server connect now happens on demand.
  • Help for all command line applications

v 0.4

released 2007-10-03
  • Added buffered IO to write calls for keys
  • Added buffered IO for reads
  • memstat was broken (bad if/else on connect)
  • New non-blocking IO (not default yet). Mucho faster
  • Refactor of test system.
  • memslap crash solved

v 0.3

released 2007-10-01
  • Jeff Fisher provided a spec file
  • Added "make rpm" around dist file
  • Added support for Solaris
  • Added support for DTrace
  • Fixed read to be recv and write to be send
  • Bug fix where memstat would core if no server was found
  • Added memslap tool (load generator)
  • Numerous bug fixes in library
  • Added calls to library for creating host lists (see text cases to understand how to use this).

v 0.2

released 2007-09-27
  • First public version