ChangeLog v1.1

v 1.1.4

released 2022-03-06
  • Fix gh #107: macOS: deprecated sasl API (improve detection of libsasl2).
  • Fix gh #131: Consider renaming tools (add CLIENT_PREFIX build option; default: mem)
  • Fix gh #132: Add build of static library (add BUILD_SHARED_LIBS build option; default: ON).
  • Fix gh #134: Update client option documentation.
  • Fix gh #136: libmemcachedutil is underlinked (link against libmemcached).
  • Fix gh php-memcached#531: get returns random values when lower than default OPT_POLL_TIMEOUT is set.

v 1.1.3

released 2022-11-09

v 1.1.2

released 2022-08-10
  • Fix handling of negative expiration values, which are somehow allowed by legacy.
    See also gh #125, and gh #76.
  • Fix gh #122: If libcrypto implementation of AES is used, do not compile internal.
  • Fix missing include of in tests.
  • Fix warnings with non-SASL builds.
  • Fix pthread.h detection.

v 1.1.1

released 2021-09-16
  • Fix gh #67: GET returns NOTFOUND on TIMEOUT.
  • Fix gh #113: Build failure with Catch2 < 2.13.5.
  • Add gh #114: Add possibility to use libcrypto for encryption.
  • Add gh #115: Add LIBMEMCACHED_AWESOME CPP define.
  • Add test for gh #75: memcached_clone of SASL connection closes random file descriptor.
  • Fix gh #116: Add libmemcachedpotocol-0-0/configure.h guarding ssize_t typedef.
  • Fix gh #120: libmemcached.pc is missing a Requires entry for libsasl2.

v 1.1.0

released 2021-06-23

Changes from beta3:

  • Add ASCII multi get support to bin/memslap.

See logs from beta3, beta2, and beta1 for the full list of changes since the last 1.0 release.

v 1.1.0-beta3

released 2021-04-15

Changes from beta2:

  • Fix gh #108: macOS Big Sur: dtrace does not understand -G switch.
  • Add support for IPv6 bracketed syntax in memcached_servers_parse.
  • Make memcat's --file option's argument optional defaulting to <key>.
  • Fix libmemcachedprotocol's binary STAT and VERSION handlers.
  • Fix gh #105: EINTR handled too defensively when polling.

v 1.1.0-beta2

released 2020-12-28

Changes from beta1:

  • Fix gh #103: Build failure on 32-bit.
  • Fix gh #102: Doc build with old sphinx.
  • Fix gh #100: Revert symbolic rename of public header include directories.
  • Fix gh #98: Library SONAMEs and NAME_LINKs differ from 1.0.18.
  • Fix gh #97: Location of cmake files installation directory.
  • Fix gh #96: LIBXXX_VERSION_HEX constants format.

v 1.1.0-beta1

released 2020-12-21

This is a bug fix release, not a feature release. The minor version number was incremented due to the following changes:

  • Ported build system to CMake.
  • Ported test suite to Catch2.
  • Build requires C++11 compiler support.
  • Tests require C++17 compiler support.
  • Moved to the Semantic Versioning Specification:
  • Moved the project from launchpad to github:
  • Fix build failure due to comparison of incompatible types in bin/memflush and bin/memstat.
  • Fix wrong type of memcached_instance_st::server_timeout_counter_query_id from uint32_t to uint64_t.
  • Fix memcached_dump(): returned MEMCACHED_CLIENT_ERROR on request to dump illegal slab id.
  • Fix bin/memcapable: failed with "No hostname was provided" when providing a hostname.
  • Fix hashkit/murmur and hashkit/murur3: undefined behavior on platforms requiring aligned access.
  • Fix Memcache::set(): possible subscription of empty vector.
  • Fix libmemcached_util_version_check().
  • Fix ketama/consistent hashing: crash on reallocation of continuum.
  • Fix gh #90: Build fails on Darwin.
  • Fix gh #83: memcp waits forever if file no found.
  • Fix gh #80: memparse docs.
  • Fix gh #72 and gh #47: memcached_return_t docs.
  • Fix gh #62: uint32_t overflow cause busy loop.
  • Removed restriction of UDP+IPv6.
  • Fix SERVER_ERROR_MEMORY_ALLOCATION_FAILURE: recognize more strings returned by the server.
  • Fix gh #13: reset continuum counter after freeing them.
  • Fix gh #14 and gh #17: SASL: AUTH_CONTINUE was considered a failure and caused IO reset.
  • Fix gh #25: hashkit/murmur3 unavailable.
  • Fix missing handling of EAGAIN for non-blocking unix domain socket.
  • Fix gh #35: handling of BEHAVIOR_REMOVE_FAILED_SERVERS.
  • Fix gh #41: ensure stable sort on continuum host key collision.
  • Fix gh #42: MEMCACHED_MAX_BUFFER docs.
  • Fix gh #43: libmemcached_configuration docs.
  • Fix gh #46: clarification on millisecond timeout docs.
  • Fix gh #50: memcached_fetch_result() can return previously returned data.
  • Fix gh #53: stack overflow in memcached_fetch_result().
  • Fix gh #57: include <inttypes.h> vs
  • Fix gh #58: more specific error messages when connect() fails.
  • Fix gh #59: bin/memcat: typo in "No servers provied".
  • Fix gh #77: undeclared UINT64_C in
  • Fix gh #12: never reconnects after connection reset (binary protocol).
  • Fix gh #49: assertion memcached_failed(rc) failed in memcached_send_ascii().
  • Fix gh #67: get returns NOTFOUND on timeout.
  • Fix gh #76: memcached_touch() crashes when expiration=-1 (ASCII only).
  • Fix gh #23: build fails with bison 2.3.
  • Fix memaslap: build fails with newer compiler versions.
  • Fix usage of strerror_r() implementations returning pointer to char.
  • Fix pipelining commands with memcached >= 1.6.
  • Fix memcached_stat_get_value(): buffer overflow.
  • Fix memcached_stat(): undefined behavior due to unintialized memcached_return_t.
  • Fix SASL tests: requires SASL_PWDB_CONF.
  • Fix bin/memaslap to idnentify itself as memaslap instead of memslap.
  • Fix bin/memcapable to work with memcached >= 1.6.
  • Fix murmur and murmur3 hashes on big endian platforms.
  • Fix gh #82, gh #64 and gh #21: clarify documentation on replication.
  • Fix bin/memcat to output flags if requested with --flag.
  • Fix gh #68: Windows support.

See ChangeLog-1.0 for changes prior v1.1.